I am a Montreal-based Learning and Development professional. My favorite work entails managing the deployment of L&D programs, designing experiential learning activities and facilitating face-to-face training sessions, especially leadership training and change management. I also contribute to the deployment of IT systems.

I am an avid reader of fiction, be it in English, French or Spanish, with a preference for lengthy novels and a strong interest in poetry. My reading tastes are quite eclectic and I don’t do much advance planning in terms of what I’m going to read next. I also buy a lot of books I don’t read.

I am also an urban sketcher and I seize every opportunity to depict the world around me, using pen, pencil, watercolor and what not. Some experimenting with acrylic paints and media takes place in the basement studio. The art blog can be found here: sylvieartcave.wordpress.com.

This blog is my attempt to share my interests.

You can also find me on Twitter: sylviemheroux.

Have fun reading and sharing!


And here is the workspace (without the blogger!):


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    • It depends what you mean by “keeping up”! It does increase the volume of books I can pick from, in addition to whatever is available in translation from languages I cannot read (I have an obsession with Swedish and Icelandic literature).

  1. Salut Sylvie! Merci pour le follow. I am looking forward to reading your blog…….I am a big Dany Laferriere fan too……. He’s not that well known in the UK but my partner is French and I can read in French ….and speak a bit too. A tres bientot :))

    • Hi! I hope you enjoy having a look around! I read in 3 languages (French, English and Spanish) but I only write in the first two. I think at this point the blog is still more than 50% English but I am reading more and more in French these days (went back to exploring what Quebec writers were doing about 2 years ago and I am reading more in French as a result).

  2. Hi,
    I just started reading A Casual Vacancy and after reading your review i’m def gonna stick to it and do a review myself. Even though its not in my favourite so far.

    • Hi! I hope you eventually start to enjoy it. A lot of people seem not to… but then some seem to expect something more Harry-Potter-like and it definitely is not.

  3. I like the blog, Sylvie! I’ve just read your post on H. G. Wells’s novel, The Invisible Man. I’ve never read any H. G. Wells, but think I’ll have to try one of his books now!

    • Thanks for the visit! I hope you enjoy H.G. Wells. I started with the Island of Doctor Moreau and really enjoyed both books I have read so far.

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