Joyce Carol Oates, A Book of American Martyrs


I greatly enjoyed this book! I have great deal of trouble concentrating on anything, so a great big chunk of a book such as this one was bound to be a challenge but surprisingly, it went really smoothly and held my attention. What was it? Oates super writing? Her way of showing the characters’ points of view? The gripping topics: pro-choice vs. pro-life, gender politics, family dynamics, the social context and class differentials in the abortion debate,

Some of the characters are beautifully developped an complex. On the other hand, there are some that are only shadows in the book while do they play an important role. Case in point: the father of the doctor who gets murdered… he takes in his grand-children to raise them when the mother is unable to continue to play her role after her husband’s death. How does he live through the events? One can only guess.

Reference: Oates, Joyce Carol. A Book of American Martyrs. Harper Collins, 2017.

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