Rothwell, William J. And H.C. Kazanas, The Strategic Development of Talent: A Framework for Using Talent to Support Your Organizational Strategy. 2nd edition. HRD Press, Amherst, MA: 2003.

The strength of this book is how is how well is situates the planning of talent development efforts in the context of strategic planning for the organization.  I had never seen this be covered so extensively in other texts on talent development, or learning and development, planning.

There is a very interesting chapter on environmental scanning. It is defined in the following way: “Environmental scanning for Talent Development is the process of monitoring trends, issues, problems, or events that might create the need for future talent as a result of environmental changes.” The chapter then proceeds with suggestions on how to do this, while highlighting that this can be a highly creative process and that it may be done differently depending on circumstances. The authors then go on to discuss how to do strategic planning for talent development and draw parallels with the strategic planning activities undertaking for the business as a whole.

The authors sometimes use what I would consider non-standard terminology, but it does not deter from getting to the very good ideas they present along the way.

Shea, Gordon, Making The Most of Being Mentored, 2nd edition, Crisp Fifty-Minute Series Book, Axzo Press, 2009.

There are so many books out there about mentoring: how to be a good mentor, how to launch and manage a mentoring program, using emotional intelligence in mentoring, the distinction between mentoring and coaching, etc. However, one rarely finds much focus on the mentee, unlike in this book (a workbook really) that goes through defining what mentoring is all about, as well as talking about how to be proactive as a mentee, to develop the skills required to thrive in a mentoring relationship, develop a solid trust-based relationship and evolve it over time. That would certainly be my top recommended read for anybody considering looking for a mentor as part of their own development plan.


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