Joseph J. Swope, Disturbed


If you tear down a haunted house, do the malevolent spirits that inhabit it die? And how can you get rid of a malevolent spirit anyway?

This book will not give you a convenient easy answer.

A seriously mentally ill young man moves to a new town to start a new life. His condition is now under control with the medication he is taking and he is under the care of competent professionals. He acquires a house, makes friends with a neighbour and finds a job that brings him into contact with a congenial bunch of people. Things are looking up, right?

That’s without counting on the evil spirit that inhabits the house and intends to use him to carry out some revenge. And who seems to collude with the voices inside his head. This combination sends him back over the edge and he is only saved by the woman he loves at a very high cost. And just when we think that the burning down of the house did away with the spirit, it seems to be pointing its nose…

This was a fun read and it kept my attention. However, the repeated descriptions of the even spirit were a bit overdone. I don’t mind evil, but it has to be a bit more realistic.

Thanks to NetGalley and Black Rose Writing for making this book available. It was published in May 2018.



Swope, Joseph J. Disturbed. Black Rose Writing. 2018.


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