Here’s to another year


This year has not been a great one for reading and even less foher blogging. My energy got channeled into a long job search and the first three months of a new job. That was all positive and I am happy with my professional accomplishments for the year but I have some regrets about not writing up my thoughts about the books I read at least a little bit more. The latest hurdle is tendinitis in my right wrist which means I should stay away from my keyboard and computer mouse as much as possible.

I did find some lovely books to read, a half-dozen Icelandic novels, the 2016 Giller Prize winner, the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for fiction, my first Murakami, the first installment of the Ferrante saga, the latest novel by M.G. Vassanji, quite a few Québec authors that have made quite a splash in our little pond.

I currently have three books in process, piles and piles of unread books that I might just get to if I stick to my resolutions of reading more and surfing the Internet less, and reading more on the bus on the way to work instead of sleeping through the trip!

Have a great year of fantastic reading and everything else you wish for!



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