Carlos Ruiz Zafón, El juego del ángel


This is the third book of the cycle called The Cemetery of Forgotten Books that I have read, although it was the second one published. So I have not quite read them in the order published but as they are not sequential, it matters very little. I do have the fourth one awaiting my attention on my Kobo; it was published just last year in Spain, but will only come out in English in 2018.

I did not like this third book as much as the other two, or is it that I felt pressed for time reading it? The plot was (as for the others) very, very complex, with a multitude of subplots. If I was to summarize in one sentence, I would say that a very cruel, mysterious man plays with the life of a poor writer, like a cat with a mouse, with negative consequences for many people who cross paths with the writer and for the writer himself who loses everything that a man can lose save his life. It does not end well; there is no redemption for the poor writer and he ends up wandering the earth for 15 years. The final events in the epilogue do not give us any certainly that the future hold peace or happiness for him, only a hint that his torments may never be over.

If you want to get into a book where you essentially watch a character that you get to like from the beginning get flogged daily, then read The Angel’s Game. It is a nasty game.


Ruiz Zafón, Carlos. El juego del ángel. Planeta, 2009.

Other things:

SPAIN BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Angel’s Game’ (El juego del ángel) by Carlos Ruiz Zafón


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