Elena Ferrante, My Brilliant Friend


After a slow start, I greatly enjoyed this book and I look forward to continuing on with other volumes of the tetralogy. The first-person narrator is a woman writing about her childhood in a working class neighborhood of Naples. Well, everyone knows that… The chronology of events is not what held my attention the most, although of course I read the book for the story… But I really found fascinating was the description of social relationships, how people spoke to each other, the social stratification of the neighborhood, the underlying violence. Since my partner comes from a Mediterranean culture, there are some similarities but of course, these were also different times, post-war.

The narrator also talks about how her education was causing to see her environment with some detachment and to question the taken-for-grantedness of the situation. But that also made her wonder about what the future held for her… I guess I will find out.


Ferrante, Elena. My Brilliant Friend. Europa Editions, 2012.


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