A quick review of 2014


This has been a rather eclectic year in reading, more poetry and more reading in Spanish than in the past few years. Here are the stats:  Poetry 20%, Novels 76%, Nonfiction 4 %

And in terms of language breakdown:  English 38% , French 47%, Spanish 14%

However, since most of the poetry was in French, the percentage of English novels was 46% versus 40% for French.

My Top 5 for the year:

Interestingly, in this Top 5, four authors are authors that I read for the first time this year, so the new discoveries were really quite interesting. Actually, in this year’s pile of books, 55% of the books were from new authors. I am surprised that the percentage is this high, but since I have never compiled this in previous years, I have no points of comparison.

I will make no prediction of what I will read in the next 12 months, given that last year’s statement on this was so wrong. However, what I can expect is that I will try to get through the ever growing pile! And the pile does contain many new authors!

Have a great year everyone! And keep reading!


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