Jo Nesbo, Cockroaches


I was on vacation and travelling and fully intended to spend a lot of time reading. However, I ended up spending tons more time hanging around with family and a lot less time reading than I expected. I was trying to crunch through Joseph Boyden’s The Orenda, as I thought I should, after all one should get through some serious reading while on vacation, right?

As my frustration with progression through that book grew, I decided to read something else and somehow got into Jo Nesbo’s Cockroaches, a mystery novel featuring detective Harry Hole set in Thailand. Harry is a seriously messed up character, with drinking problems, family issues, and a messy love life.  When the Noervegian ambassador to Thailand is found dead in a shady Bangkok motel, Harry is sent over to investigats, although it sounds more like he is expected to make sure that the case goes away quietly. Of course, things don’t go as planned. The ambassador’s past is somewhat complicated, his wife’s issues also play into the somewhat surprising denouement, as well as their handicapped daughter’s dreams and the business plans of a Norwegian businessman who is also the lover of the ambassador’s wife, a mysterious business man running some of Thailand’s most ambitious construvction projects, and a former military intelligence officer turned freelancer.

When all seems to have gotten resolved, Harry realizes that they have everything wr ong and the race keeps on… When all unravels, Harry who had managed to stay sober through the investigation ends in what looks liie an opium den and keeps fighting his demons.

 This is the second Harry Hole novel by Jo Nesbo. Originally published in 1998, it was only translated into English in 2013. So far, nothing has equalled The Redbreast in my opinion. I will keep reading.





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