Dorothy Wayne, Dorothy Dixon and the Double Cousin


Another 1933 adventure story featuring Dorothy Dixon (also see here), the 16-year-old who carries a gun, can fly planes and collaborates with the Secret Service to resolve serious crime. In “The Double Cousin”, Dorothy has to impersonate her cousin Janet, who looks almost exactly like her to help catch bad guys who are trying to steal the chemical formula for a nasty explosive that could annihilate mankind: “The effect is easily estimated of an airplane dropping a single bomb filled with the explosive, inflammable and deadly poison gas, Winnite, upon Manhattan Island, for instance: the bomb would explode upon detonation and within an inconceivably short space of time, not only would the City of New York be in flames, but every living thing within that area would be dead from the poison fumes. This includes not only human, animal and insect life, but all vegetable matter as well.”

Of course she gets to do that without messing up her hair, and gets a lovely shopping trip in the bargain.



Wayne, Dorothy. Dorothy Dixon and the Double Cousin. Chicago, Goldsmith Pubishing Company, 1933.


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