Pure joy: Pippi in the South Seas, Astrid Lindgren


Just the best day to forget stressful moments at work or the most humdrum aspects of your life! Pippi Longstocking (or Fifi Brindacier as I knew her as a child) always has a different way of looking at reality. In this volume, Pippi receives a letter from her father, who rules a South Seas island, telling that he is coming to pick up and bring her back to his island. And off she is for a vacation with her friends Tommy and Annika, whose parents mysteriously agree to the trip. After some adventures featuring sharks and bad guys, Pippi and her friends make it back home, although a bit late for Christmas. But Pippi even has a fix for that.


Lindgren, Astrid. Pippi in the South Seas. New York, NY, 1997. (original copyright is 1959)

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    • I definitely agree! That stuff is amazingly timeless. I grew up with the TV series… only discovered the books as an adult.

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