Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


Here is another suspenseful book about which I cannot say too much so I don’t give away any of the plot twists. Because twists there are aplenty!

Amy and Nick Dunne live a charmed life in New York. They are young and good looking, they have cool jobs at trendy magazines and are financially secure thanks to Amy’s trust fund which came from proceeds of a series of children’s books written by her parents featuring a little girl called Amazing Amy.

They have been married three years when the recession hits; they both lose their jobs. They move to Nick’s hometown in Missouri to make a fresh start. On their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy disappears. Even though there is no body and the evidence is confusing, Nick quickly becomes a suspect. What follows is totally twisted…

I can easily imagine someone will eventually try to make this into a movie. Actually, I don’t even have to do much imagining. IMDb says that it will come out in 2015, with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, directed by David Fincher.



Flynn, Gillian. Gone Girl. Crown Publishing, New York, NY, 2012.



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