A quick preview of Doppler by Erlend Loe


We have been visiting my in-laws as part of our vacation and I’ve been spending time with my sister-in-law who is one fo the coolest persons I know. We have been going to fitness and yoga classes together (some that she teaches and some that she attends). She is also a retired school teacher and she loves to read. So, last night, she hands me this book and tells me that I should be able to read that in a day (well, maybe not…) and that I should love it.

And she said that it was a story about a man and a moose and that she woud say no more… Well, it is a book called Doppler by Erlend Loe who is a celebrated Norwegian writer who has been translated in many languages. He is known for writing naïve satirical novels. This book has two characteristics that make it a likely hit for me: one, it’s Scandinavian; two, it’s quirky. So I dug into it last night and although I was tired and needed to go to sleep fairly early, I am already quite enthused with what I managed to read. So more about it later… for now let me just say that it’s a quirky book about a man and a moose…



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