A structured approach to resolving conflict: Conflict Management, by Herb Kindler


This is another Crisp Fifty-Minute Series volume that is greatly worth its price. It proposes nine approaches to manage conflict and disagreements that are defined on a two-dimensional grid where the two dimensions are viewpoint (from firm to flexible) and interaction (from neutral to involved). While it may look at first sight to be very similar to the Thomas-Kilmann conflict modes, it addresses conflict in different ways. I especially liked the conflict resolution guidelines, with its 4-step process (explore-plan-prepare-implement). This book provides the reader with a self-assessment, many examples, and case studies for role-plays. This guide can be used as a convenient participant’s booklet in training or as a self-study guide. While I felt somewhat uncomfortable with the nine approaches in the beginning, especially compared to Thomas-Kilmann’s 5 conflict modes (which I have been working with for nearly 10 years), I really liked the down to earth conflict resolution approach.


Kindler, Herb. Conflict Management: Resolving Disagreements in the Workplace, 3rd edition, Crisp Fifty-Minute Series, Thomson NETg, Boston, MA, 2006.


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