Meredith Belbin, Team Roles at Work


I had used the Belbin Team Role assessment in the past and had found the description of the team roles quite useful (and found out that I was an Implementer/Finisher which was absolutely not a surprise). I have since found that results from the Team Management System (TMS) were also completely consistent.

Team Roles at Work is a short introduction to the Belbin approach to team work and to using the nine team roles in practice. I was somewhat disappointed not to find more information about the measurement of team roles but the website does provide some of this information (see I also expected more in-depth information about the roles and the understanding they bring to team dynamics. However, the book concentrates on one-on-one relationships and their possible outcomes.

The book does provide a useful introduction to the topic, but for the price, it’s a bit thin.


Belbin, Meredith R. Team Roles at Work, 2nd edition, Elsevier, Oxford, 2010.




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