Jonas Jonasson, Le vieux qui ne voulait pas fêter son anniversaire (The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window And Disappeared)


That was fun! A long book (over 500 pages in the French translation) but a quick read. The story is well constructed and it just flies by. A good review of XXth century history as well. Allan Karlsson, the old guy, grew up in Sweden and travelled the world, spending significant parts of his life in Spain, the US, Russia, France and Indonesia. He also influenced in the course of history through his meetings with Franco, Truman, Oppenheimer, de Gaulle, Johnson, Churchill, Staline, Mao, Kim Jung-Il, etc. Karlsson is like a Swedish Forest Gump, a little naive, but certainly more intelligent, and with a knack for getting himself out of trouble in the most incredible ways.

Jonas Jonasson, according to what I have found on the Internet is a former journalist and this is his first book. Well, let’s see if he comes up with anything else as entertaining in the future.


Jonasson, Jonas. Le vieux qui ne voulait pas fêter son anniversaire. Presses de la cité, 2011. (originally published in Swedish in 2009)



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