Reality or fiction? Or both, in new clothes: Jorge Volpi’s La tejedora de sombras (Weaver of Shadows)


The picture of the woman on the dust jacket is sad but one could almost say that it shows a faint smile… not so with the picture of Christiana Morgan on page 10 of the book. There, the face is expressionless, the eyes, dead. Is it the picture of a woman depressed beyond all hope? Or is it the face of a lover who can no longer face the pain that living her passions can cause in others?

The book is a fictionalized account of the lives of Henry Murray and Christiana Morgan and of what follows from their encounters with Carl Jung. Henry Murray was an American physician who retrained as a psychoanalyst following his encounter with Carl Jung. He is better known for his development of the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) a tool used in psychoanalysis and psychological research. Christiana Morgan was his life-long lover and partner in madness.

The book recounts this life long exploration of love, passion, sex, sensation, and obsession that nearly consumed both of them over about 40 years. The story is told from Christiana’s viewpoint and concentrates on her own search for self and meaning. The book tells an interesting story but for me, it fails to explain the depths at which the relationship truly affected both…

I am curious to read more from this Mexican author I had not heard about before running into this book by chance while shopping for something else.


Volpi, Jorge. La Tejedora de sombras. Planeta, 2012.


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