Jo Nesbø’s Headhunters


I just started Headhunters (in French translation) and I just can’t put it down… At the same time, I get really nervous every time the main character, Roger Brown, an overly confident headhunter from Oslo who leads a double-life as an art thief, goes on the hunt for a coveted piece of artwork to finance is over-the-top life style. He seems to think he can’t be caught, but I think he may have found his match with his latest “victim”… will the hunter become the hunted? This book does not make headhunters sound like nice people either.

Update on November 1st:

There are some pretty funky twists in this book. Very good suspense. You may assume that one person was the bad guy (or gall) and be mistaken until the end. And some of your assumptions about what was real and what was a lie from one of the characters might also be quite wrong… Just don’t read this book while eating. There are some pretty graphic scenes that would interfere with the enjoyment of your meal.


Nesbø, Jo. Chasseurs de têtes. Gallimard Folio Policier, 2009. (publié en suédois en 2008)

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