The Latest Margaret Atwood: In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imagination, a quick preview


It is no secret: Margaret Atwood is my all-time favorite writer. I own all of her novels (one is autographed), a lot of her short fiction, some poetry and some of her essay publications (yes that is a lot of shelf space in a small house). I absolutely totally fell in love with her writing when I was 17, after reading a poem called “The Red Shirt”, or rather after hearing my English teacher (one Brian or Bryan Doubt, wherever he is these days) read it out loud to the class. It was my first semester in English school, my very first English literature class (poetry, no less, I’ve always loved a challenge). Later that year, I stumbled upon Life Before Man in the school library and the rest is history.

Don’t expect to find a critical review of this book on this blog. I have no ability whatsoever to be critical when I read Margaret Atwood.

I have also been an avid consumer of all sorts of science fiction, as well at utopian and dystopian literature, especially in high school and during a part of my doctoral studies (escapism is definitely involved here). So what better treat than to read Atwood on SF and all manners of imaginary worlds?

More to come on this topic…


Atwood, Margaret. In Other Worlds : SF and the Human Imagination. McClelland & Stewart: Toronto, 2011.


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