The Wennerstrom Affairs


In the fictional world I live in most of the time, the Wennerstrom Affair is a big part of the story in Steig Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It’s the story that lands Mikael Blomkvist in jail after he is sued for libel (I think that’s what it was).

But as I was reading Klas Östergren’s Gentlemen this week, I was surprised to see this author also refer to a Wennerstrom Affair that had occured in the 1960s. I googled it in the off-chance that he was refering to some real event, and lo and behold, he was! Stig Wennerstrom was  a Swedish air force office who was a spy for the Russian during the Cold War. He was eventually arrested in 1963 and condemned, and served 10 years in prison before being released. He died in 2006 at the age of 99 (after Steig Larsson and much older!).

So I was wonder whether Steig Larsson used the name “Wennerstrom” for a reason or because it is really an ordinary name in Sweden (I could not find any information about the frequency of it).

I like finding little connections between things and looking for trivia… not necessarily a great use of my time, but it’s fun.



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