Dark, dark, dark Blackwater, a novel by Kerstin Ekman


This an an award-winning book by prolific Swedish writer Kerstin Ekman. It is a psychological mystery novel, not a police procedural. It tells of events around a double murder in the Swedish country. Two campers, a young Dutch woman and an American deserter are stabbed to death in a tent in the early summer. Annie Raft, a young teacher who was looking to rejoin her new boyfriend to start a new life at a commune in that area, stumbles upon the scene. It will have a strong influence on the rest of her life. The murder is never solved and you will most likely be misled about any information on potential suspects.

Besides the murder story, the book also talks about social trends in Sweden, the environmental movement, educational approaches, life in remote areas, the place of the Sami in Swedish society. Lots of food for thought.


Ekman, Kerstin, Blackwater, Vintage, 1995. The Swedish original was published in 1993.

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