Change Better: Using a Structured Process to Get Ourselves Through Change


This book by Jeanenne LaMarsh, founder and CEO of LaMarsh and Associates, is a find. It takes basics of change management and applies it to the individual change journey through a structured process. The book proposes a series of templates to help individual analyse situations and understand both how they are affected by change and how they can take action to get through it. LaMarsh describes the 3 states of change: current, desired and delta (i.e. transition). One must understand the current state, define the desired state and define the path in between (the delta). This model does not only talk about actions and steps, but also about managing emotions at every step of way. It is an excellent guide, short of having a coach to hold one’s hand, to get through change. The book makes the application of the model very concrete by relying of a series of case studies, showcasing employees at various levels in the organization, going through different kinds of changes.

There is nothing really new in this approach but the familiarity of the concept used makes it a credible tool. In fact it is similar to the training materials I used in a previous job, as well as to Bridges’ transitions model. It also uses Musselwhite’s change styles. I think that many change practitioners and coaches would find this book very useful. It can be used as a tool as is, or the approach can be personalized depending on the situation. I wish I had found this book last year when we were revising the content of our internal course called “Living Through Change”. It would have provided great material to improve the course.


LaMarsh, Jeanenne, Change Better: Survive – and Thrive – During change at Work and Throughout Life, B2 Books (Agate Publishing), Chicago, IL, 2010.


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