Pippi Longstocking = Fifi Brindacier


Fifi Brindacier was one of my childhood heroes but she was very deeply buried in forgotten memories until I started reading the Millenium series in 2009. Stieg Larsson refers to Pippi Longstocking quite a bit which started jogging my memories and my brain started replaying random bits of TV that I used to watch as a kid. As I am planning a short vacation in Stockholm in May (in great part thanks to Stieg Larsson!), I started to look for things Swedish to read (did I already say I’m a nerd and I love to read?). I just read the first book of Pippi Longstocking books by Astrid Lindgren and it brought back such good memories… Pippi, Annika, Tommy and Mr. Nilsson…  I also looked up snippets of the TV program on YouTube (in Swedish, but also in some Asian language, Japanase or Korean…). What good memories! I am looking forward to wonderful dreams tonight.

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