Murder and Crime in Norway


I finished reading Gunnar Staalesen’s Los círculos de la muerte (or the Circles of Death). I enjoyed uncovering the plot, like I do for most police/mystery novels. This was set in Norway, mostly in Bergen and the area north of it. The main character, Varg Veum, is a social worker turned detective, who is trying to understand how some events are linked and how a young man whom he first encounters as a young boy became apparently entangled in a series of tragic events, including four murders. Two innocent people go to jail and many people get away with some pretty big lies about their pasts (or some major omissions).

I am not sure I like the Spanish translation. I am not sure it rendered the language used in the Norwegian original. There are many references to people speaking in local dialects, which is from what I have read quite usual in Norway, but of course this is hard to show faithfully in a translation.

So the next Spanish book with be in the original language (a novel by Gioconda Belli, a writer from Nicaragua).


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