Lost in George R.R. Martin’s World


I chanced upon the works of George R.R. Martin (or as my husband says, George R.R.R.R.R…. Martin ;-)) when I started looking for books to buy and load onto my Kobo last summer. So I bought the first four volumes of A Song of Ice and Fire and quickly chumped through them (in an electronic sort of way). I like a good, long story with many twists and turns and I quite enjoyed the ride.

The books feature the various quests made by a variety of characters: quests for power, love, lust, identify, meaning, fortune, safety, past, future, etc. As the story progresses through the books, these quests are interwoven into so many many plots that I am now getting lost in the fifth volume… There are characters that have not surfaced for quite a while and I am wondering when they will show up again. Stories on the internet say that the author has two more volumes planned… Not sure I will have to strength to follow him to the end.

Here are my unanswered questions (I am 40% through the 5th book at this point):

  • Is Theon going to get flayed again?
  • Is Tyrion going to survive the trip to Meereen?
  • Where is Arya?
  • Is Bran going to take root in that cave he is hiding him and will he ever come out again?
  • What’s happening with the black dragon?
  • Will the ghost of Caitlin Tully surface again?
  • Is Cersei getting older and what is she up to?
  • Is Asha dead?
  • What happened to Brienne again?
  • What’s Peter doing hiding at the Aerie?
  • Will Jorah Mormont be rehabilitated as a knight?
  • Is Sam Tarly still sailing around Westeros?

OK, I am sure you get the point… There are a lot of loose ends at this point. I am frustrated but I feel compelled to keep reading.

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