Slow Reading These Days


I haven’t been reading all that much lately. What’s wrong? Well, there are a number of things going on.

1) I have been working a huge number of hours, so I get tired. I wish I didn’t but I am unfortunately not Wonder Woman.

2) I have been working away from home. Every time I get on the road, I imagine that I will spend a lot of time reading, but it doesn’t usually happen this way, and even less this time.  I see four possible reasons for this:

a) I already feel like I am living in a bubble, having been located at a mining camp in the Canadian Arctic for the past two weeks. I have less need from a further bubble to put myself in.

b) I don’t need the reading to bring excitement to my day since every day has been an adventure in the past two weeks.

c) I have spent a lot of my free time on the Internet to feel that I am still connected to the outside world.

d) I haven’t found  a really comfortable place to read in my free time.

I’m starting to look forward to the trip home and the many hours on the plane so I can indulge in reading… or will I sleep or watch movies?

More comments on books coming when I have something to comment on.


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