Learning New Vocabulary in my Third Language: Thanks Kobo!


I bought a Kobo because I was tired of loading a stack of books into my suitcase each time I went on a trip. I also wanted the convenience of always having something to read with me that was light and small, and could easily fit in my purse. I wanted to have several books with me so I can switch books when I am bored…

Kobo makes all that possible and it’s great.

However, in the past few weeks, I have found myself using another feature more and more: the Translate feature. I have been reading in Spanish. I understand it quite well but there are always words I don’t know or don’t quite remember. With the Translate feature, I can instantaneously translate the word into English. There are also often clarifications on word usage and idiomatic expressions. Not only do I get to enjoy my reading on the go, I am also improving my knowledge of the language. Priceless!

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